64 Daily Practice- That Make A Difference


The Gandhi Foundation provides participants a way to practice a new principle of peace and nonviolence each day. These principles are based on the teachings of Gandhi and King, and they encourage people to act with compassion, kindness, and consideration. The goal is to inspire individuals and communities to make daily nonviolent choices and actions, which can create a culture of peace and nonviolence over time.




How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness in the Chaos-Anytime, Anywhere


Inner peace is possible, and you don’t need to meditate on a mountaintop or break the bank for a wellness retreat in order to find it.  Here, learn to carving out time to relax even amid the frantic pace of everyday life when we need serenity the most. Oprah Daily gives you info on how to tap into it anytime, anywhere.




 An Exercise in Nonviolent communication – Shifting Toward Compassion

Here you can explore a communication exercise by The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication. It was crafted to spark a profound “Shift” in how you communicate. It’s designed to steer your thoughts and emotions towards a nonviolent approach to communication. Explore new ways of thinking and feeling during interactions, fostering empathy and understanding. This exercise empowers you to transform your communication style, promoting respect and constructive dialogue. Join us on this journey towards more peaceful and empathetic conversations.




Engage in Season For Nonviolence – Transformative Mediation Sessions


Crafted to guide you toward inner peace and mindfulness, these meditations are designed to facilitate a profound journey within, fostering a sense of calm and clarity in your daily life. Through these sessions, discover the power of mindfulness, enabling you to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. You can practice these moments of tranquility and self-reflection, embracing a path towards inner harmony and well-being.