Celebrate the actions of the past and recent peace activists at The International Peace Museum. View one-of-a-kind exhibits, attend events, and join our community.


Welcome to The International Peace Museum

Our mission is to inspire people to work for greater peace and compassion through education and collaboration.

Founded in 2004, The International Peace Museum raises awareness of nonviolent strategies for achieving peace now and in the future. It honors the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords that ended the war in Bosnia. The Dayton International Peace Museum was founded by J. Frederick Arment, Ralph and Christine Dull, Steve Fryburg and Lisa Wolters.


The International Peace Museum is organizing a special program for January 2024- April 2024. Stay up to date with the most recent news!


Peacebuilder Stories

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Gandhi Photo Collection & Lifestory Exhibit

Gandhi Original Photo Collection

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J. Kadir Cannon Collection – Ongoing

Kadir Cannon Collection

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The Dayton Peace Accords

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Lessons of the Dayton Accords

Nationalism and xenophobia were at the root of the brutal war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Unfortunately, these tactics are not new, and they are becoming common again as new political leaders around the world use nationalism to rise to power. It is up to peace-loving people to be just as passionate about a world that celebrates diversity and difference. Visit our full digital exhibit on the Dayton Peace Accords, and the aftermath of the war in the former Yugoslavia.

Up Next

The museum serves as a gathering place for everyone and offers programs that celebrate music, art, books, film, new ideas, and fresh, often under-represented voices to the conversation. The museum’s success depends on supporters and volunteers like you. The more support we have from the community, the more we can offer in the future.

Peace Builders Reading Circle


Night at the Museum


Racial Wealth Gap





The Peace Museum's mission; To inspire people to work for greater peace and compassion through education and collaboration is evident the minute you walk through the doors. We are so blessed to have the International Peace Museum in Dayton where we can build community with outstanding programming and exhibits. The museum is a place for people to come together, learn and grow.

I was honored to join the DiPM Board to maintain and further their mission of promoting the tools of empathy and understanding that can help curb the worst impulses of human conflict. To promote peace at the local and global levels is to reject complacency and apathy in favor of shaping discussions, attitudes and behavior about how human beings should treat each other.  



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