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The Dayton Peace Accords

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Lessons of the Dayton Peace Accords

Nationalism and xenophobia were at the root of the brutal war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Unfortunately, these tactics are not new, and they are becoming common again as new political leaders around the world use nationalism to rise to power. It is up to peace-loving people to be just as passionate about a world that celebrates diversity and difference. Visit our full digital exhibit on the Dayton Peace Accords, and the aftermath of the war in the former Yugoslavia.

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The museum serves as a gathering place for everyone and offers programs that celebrate music, art, books, film, new ideas, and fresh, often under-represented voices to the conversation. The museum's success depends on supporters and volunteers like you. It goes without saying, the more support we have from the community, the more we can offer in the future.

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Life of Jews in Austria before 1938 Exhibit
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The Museum has programs throughout the year for people of all ages. Look for information soon on our summer camp program in 2023, a continuation of the Peace Pathways program for teachers, as well as programs specific to K-12 students. Students from the University of Dayton will attend classes in the museum space in the spring of 2023 as part of a microcourse program.

Dayton Peace Museum
November 10, 2022
This is a lovely place to just hang out, or to learn about the history of our peace heroes around the world. The library and children’s room are outstanding under-used resources. It is filled with positive energy and the historical architecture of the building is breathtaking.