The Dayton Peace Trail

Around the United States there are many monuments and historical markers memorializing places of violence and conflict, yet very few marking spaces and places of peace work, conflict mediation, and justice activism.

This trail is designed to help us remember and pay tribute to those spaces of peace and justice in our community. This is not an exhaustive list nor does it represent all the diverse ways our community has come together to make peace. We hope you will make time to visit these spaces of peace-building and explore the significance of the sites on this trail. As you visit each site, we encourage you to take time and read through the history of each location and think of ways you can continue to support spaces of peace and justice building. This trail was made possible in part by Ohio Humanities. The International Peace Museum would like to thank Kathleen Gish, Faheem Curtis-Khidir, Andrew Walsh, and Katherine Rowell for their efforts in helping to develop this trail.

The Dayton Peace Trail


“The term ‘peacebuilding’ refers to activities that root out causes of violence as well as instill broad measures to prevent violent conflict and create sustainable peace”
-Tammy Newsome, A History of Peace in Dayton, Ohio


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The Miamisburg Mound Protest Site

The Miami Valley Peace Heroes Trail

Dayton Peace Accords Site

SunWatch Indian Village Site

Site of NCR Building 26

West Dayton Uprising Site

Fifth Street YMCA

Salem Avenue Peace Corridor

Dayton Peace Bridge

Gem City Market

Site of Oregon District Mass Shooting

The Main Public Library

Dayton Woman's Club Site

Dayton City Hall Site

The International Peace Museum