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Integrating History Into Your Curriculum

Education is at the heart of our mission. By offering specialized tours, interactive exhibits and programs, we strive to provide an ideal environment for learning and reflection. Whether you teach these lessons here or on your own campus, we want to help.

The Museum is coordinating with local universities and teachers to offer Professional Development courses for K-12 teachers. The Dayton Peace Institute will be under the umbrella of the International Peace Museum and will begin in early 2023.

Peace Camp Saturdays

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Book a Class Trip to the Museum

We welcome learners of all styles and abilities, from all settings. Museum educators engage students through stories of peace builders, historic events, and making meaningful connections to their curriculum, their world, and themselves. Continue fostering critical thanking through a class trip to the International Peace Museum!

PBS Resources

Check out this selection of informational segments from PBS

Alecia’s Story | Police and Guns | Armed in America

Alecia Phonesavanh recounts the story of when a SWAT Team threw a flash bang grenade in through a window, and it landed in the crib of her son, baby Bou Bou.

Civic Leader Ayanna Najuma: Desegregation

Learn how Ayanna Najuma and her childhood friends successfully protested segregation in Oklahoma in this original digital video from GBH Education’s Youth Stand Up.

Laying the Groundwork for Conversations about Systemic Racism

In this lesson, educators will be guided through activities, discussions, and clips from Liora Limball’s POV documentary Through the Night in order to lay the groundwork for further conversations about race and racial justice.

Affecting Change | UnRepresented

This segment from the documentary UnRepresented examines change might be enacted to address issues of representation in our political system.

Is White Gun Violence A Race Issue? | Faith and Guns | Armed in America

Troy Newman and Shane Claiborne describe the worlds they live in and how they view gun violence.

Asian American Voices in Politics

Patsy Mink faced both racial and gender discrimination as a Japanese American woman who was born in Hawaii.

Museum Exhibits for the Classroom

Engage in virtual and on-site tours and workshops tailored for students of all ages.

Dayton Peace Accords

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Accords, the Museum launched an online version of this exhibit. Thanks to the Dayton Rotary Club for helping us digitize this exhibit.

Jack Meagher & Bev Titus

Peacebuilder Stories

The Peacebuilders interactive exhibit at the Museum celebrates individuals who accepted the risk in making the world a less violent and more just place.

More Educational Resources

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